Thank you all for the camp – see you next year!

Easter is now over and so has IRC-FI camp also ended. The camp was a success with all it’s friendly people and great activities!

On Thursday everybody arrived and many greetings and hugs were given to old and new friends. Friday we all visited the Kurjenrahka National Park with a lovely trail around the lake. We got to experience the Finnish winter with the lake so frozen that it was easy to take a shortcut across it. many geocaches were also found at the national park. At Friday evening we held an international night for the local adventurer and tracker scouts. There were 15 children stoked about all the fabulous activities. UK team fed them critters, Swedish people had their keyboard keys missing, Danish played some games and Dutch fed them cake on a string. 😀

After an eventful Friday it was time for some less tight schedule. Saturday everybody visited Turku with a guided tour of the castle and quick trip to scout museum. Sunday it was time for Kustavi, a small municipality in the archipelago. At Kustavi we found a great blacksmith from an artisan village and ate too much at a cake buffet in a nearby island.

In the evenings it was time for some food, games and just talking and catching up with everybody. Of course, in a Finnish way, every night was sauna night! Everybody learned the Finnish sauna etiquette and enjoyed their time. The sea was way more frozen than anticipated but we managed to make a small hole in it so that people could say they have “swam” in the sea at winter 😀

Monday came too quickly and it was time to clean the campsite and say byebye to all the friends. We all left the camp with a bunch of great memories! Next year we hope to see everyone in Germany if Spocket can find some help to organize the camp! In the meanwhile, let’s all remember to check in once in a while at ScoutLink! 🙂

On behalf of the organizing team, thank you all for participating!



One more week!

Hi all! We have a bit over a week left for IRC-FI! Are you excited? I know I am!

You should all have received the camp info letter telling you all the basic information you need. Please send us a message if you haven’t received it!

During the past couple of weeks we have finalized our program plans, counted all the food, made many checklists and done countless of preparations for the camp to be ready for you. It has been a fun project for ScoutLink #suomi regulars. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the camp with us and have great experiences in our country!

See you soon!

Greetings from organizing team

Hi there! Did you know that IRC-FI has around ten Finns organizing the event for all the guests? Read more about us and learn about the camp. Don’t forget to register, you have nine more days to do it!

The camp organizing team started working last October and has since had many meetings. Half of the team are experienced Scoutlink campers and other half regular #suomi users but have not been to any Scoutlink Easter camps before.

Organizing a Scoutlink Easter camp has many angles. You need to think about program, food, logistics, finances, communication and many other smaller details. In order to make the best camp the organizing team has divided different responsibilities between the team. This way, as scouts usually do, we get to learn new things by doing. The arrangements for the camp are in good order. Most of the program is final and we are just waiting on the final numbers of participants.

We are now around 25 participants and would still like to get some more! Now is the time to shout it from the rooftops and advertise the camp to all of your fellow scoutlinkers! If you have any questions considering the camp or travelling to Finland ask around in #irc-fi channel or contact the camp leader ( For those who have already registered: The camp letter providing all the necessary practical information will be emailed in a few days so check your mails regularly.

We can’t wait to meet you all and get the chance to show our beautiful country to all of you! On behalf of the organizing team, welcome!

-Pia, camp leader-

Welcome to Finland!

Scoutlink Easter camp 2018 is organised in Finland 29th March – 2nd April.

Camp location is Mynämäki in Turku city region.

Come back later to read about exciting program and more details.